Winter is coming!

It won’t be long and we will be arriving back to RCW! I am anxious to be back hiking again! I have had Sciatic nerve problems but it has finally gone away, well almost.

If you get a chance email me with you favorite hikes at This will serve 2 purposes! I need your emails as I lost all mine in combining my web site accounts! So even if you do not want to include a favorite hike please email me anyway and say hello!

Happy trails


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One Response to Winter is coming!

  1. Jerry V Hustead says:

    I got cut off. Catalina ST. PK– spring of course–up to the pond. I like all of the hikes. I would still like to do Cactus Forest through the center of the driving loop–could do 6.2 miles if we leave from the visitor center or about half that if we have someone drive us in and then pick us up. Brown Mtn is good– Madera Canyon is always good. Sometime, Coyote Canyon is a good one. We saw a couple of packs of coyotes there three or so years ago. Yeah. we were probably just lucky.;

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